Walk in Closets are becoming more popular than ever. Whether you are in New York or Winnipeg, custom closets are becoming more important than ever.  This is where Zellis can help you.

Our Winnipeg closet systems are custom designed to help you get organized. A custom Winnipeg Closet Design (whether it is walk-in or not) helps you make good and effective use of free space where you need it -whether that’s in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.  That’s right – our Winnipeg Closet Systems are not just meant for bedrooms.  They can be used in any room in your home where you need organized storage.

Here are some advantages of having an organized Winnipeg walk in closet in your home:

  1. Exceptionally effective use of free space: A good custom closet makes use of even the tiniest of free space available in your home or apartment, because every unused space you find can be used for storage.
  2. Personally-designed space: Nothing can beat our custom designed Winnipeg Closet Systems. For example, if you are a shoe-addict, a custom closet with a greater number of shelves for your shoes is a good idea.
  3. A custom closet makes your home stand out: If you have a home that you plan to sell some time in the future, building some custom closets in the house adds value to your house like nothing else. A custom closet is attractive to prospective buyers who look for ‘something more’ than your home’s ‘first four’ investments which are the bathrooms, kitchens, lights and floors. Having a great, well thought out storage system makes your house a much more lucrative option.
  4. Home renovations before selling. A well-designed custom closet can help increase the value of your home on the resale market.  Older homes can benefit from a well-designed walk-in closet as it could greatly increase your resale value.
  5. Custom Closets help keep you organized. How often have you gone looking for that special pair of shoes, or that perfect shirt to complete your outfit, only to find that you can’t find it?  A well-designed walk-in or custom closet can help with this.  That’s because you can get even more organized making it easier to find those items.

There are many more reasons to talk to us about custom Winnipeg Closet Systems.  Whether you own a home, condo or townhouse, a brand new fully customized walk-in closet, or other custom closet can help increase the value of your home in ways you never know.  Why not give us a call today and request a free quote.